Milestone 2.2.0


2 / 22

This is old stable production version of ArrowBilling.

Bugfix version 2.2.3

  • fixed datasource parent save - was not saved on edit
  • enduser rate display showed old expired rate if more than 1 rate was in mapping
  • admin area carrier CDR reports now with profit columns
  • fixed account group invoice template upload/display
  • Account list column order fix
  • Payments report "from Reseller" filter fixed
  • fixed total invoice amount on users Invoice list page

Bugfix version 2.2.2

  • Added option to block endusers from seeing calling username and password on their interface
  • fixed PIN upload- skip non-matching PIN patterns (previously upload failed)
  • fixed Terminating Carrier Account billing if outgoing rewrite was enabled
  • fixed multiple issues in Moneybookers (Skrill) payment system
  • Possibility to add customized Paypal and Moneybookers images
  • Added notification email address for Skrill payments
  • Added recharge function by transferring balance from one PIN to another and reassigning ANI
  • Now support accounting for Terminating Carrier Accounts which are domain names rather than IP address
  • Fixed callshop checkout
  • Callshop line cleared on checkout
  • Modified callshop checkout window appearance
  • fixed multiple authentication issues with PIN expiry date
  • Fix cases where connect time is reported later than disconnect. Caused some calls to be displayed as 24h long
  • Fixed mail compatibility issues with many mail servers

Bugfix version 2.2.1

  • inherit IVR options and language from parent account
  • fixed currency handling when creating accounts invoice
  • fixed zero amount invoice display issues
  • Fixed password recovery un multisite
  • fixed Ogone return on multisite
  • Allow change email admin and phone number in Settings page
  • MVTS Pro authorization and accounting errors fixed ticket/139 ticket/140
  • fixed image display on endusers payment page
  • fixed scheduler script
  • fixed voucher generation on multisite if the PIN prefix was not selected
  • PIN upload now can load password, weblogin, and webpass columns. Added option to skip and report duplicates
  • Allow to upload balances in PIN upload
  • fixed radius authorization stage error caused by trying to sort cached routes by non existent attribute

Build 20111102

  • Version 2.2.0 released

Build 20111019:

  • New:
  • Fixed:
    • Errors of LCR could cause non-cheapest routes to be selected first
    • Setting of "expiry days after first use" - once applied, could not be removed

Build 20111013:

  • New:
    • Location profile and IVR options can be modified on Accounts group edit page
    • Reseller can create invoice for their account
  • Fixed:
    • possible authentication reject when rate per call is set to 0
    • routing changes were not applied immediately after changes were done on interface
    • better checking for active calls from carriers on authorization stage
    • minor invoice generation issues
    • fixed missing IP address in Line Monitor on rerouted calls from carriers

Build 20110906:

  • New:
    • Better licensing info display on Help page
    • Calling username and pass not visible on endusers screen by default
  • Fixed:
    • Billing reports in Resellers area
    • Reseller profile selection on account signup
    • Fixed missing columns in Account CDR tab export
    • currency conversion when creating invoices

Build 20110817:

  • New:
    • Added override Caller ID feature
    • Added support for multiple timeslots when manually editing/adding or uploading rates
  • Fixed:
    • minor issues on account signup page
    • destination code lookup in callshop rate table
    • Fixed failing balance restore when payment was canceled

Build 20110803:

  • New:
    • Added Incoming and outgoing number display in CDRs
    • Added Usage Report for Carriers
    • Summary tab under Carriers
    • Call summary function for endusers area
    • Product mapping page converted to tab style
  • Fixed:
    • Paypal incorrect tax handling
    • CDR reports now will be made according to their currency and based on the start times of the calls
    • Client Summary fixed to respect currencies of usage and timezone offset
    • Reports > CDR now properly handles both Term Carrier and Orig Carrier filters
    • Fixed Radius return attributes for Quintum Call Relays
    • Routing group item delete fixed
    • Avoids authorization failure even if account group is not found or security settings missing - use defaults
    • Always provide rewritten number even if not supplied - use as received
    • Simcalls were by 1 less than they should have been
    • Pagenation error in callshop rate table report
    • Fixed DC cause display for some codes
    • TimeZone data fixed for some countries

Build 20110706:

  • New:
    • Reports > CDR in Reseller Area now have profit columns and totals
    • Call summary in accounts summary tab will be separated by currency and show summaries grouped by currency
    • More search options in Accounts List: 1) by weblogin; 2) by account currency 3) sort asc/desc 4) sort by remaining balance
    • Privilege change: Carriers Payment tab now requires both carrier and payment prvileges
  • Fixed:
    • Reports > CDR in Reseller Area - much faster report generation + pagination restored
    • Fixed disconnect cause descriptions in CDR report (for H.323 calls)
    • Signup confirm emails are now correctly sent with respective resellers return address and credentials
    • update reseller of alias if main account changes its reseller
    • dont allow to delete carrier if it has DIDs ticket/130
    • cleanup and remove partially uploaded tables when upload is failure
    • dont allow delete access group if it is in use
    • dont allow Accounts created without Web Profile setting
    • Added delete protection for products which are assigned to some user. Also deletes the rate mappings if any

Build 20110629:

  • New:
    • Provide default timezone when creating reseller. It will be set to timezone of user who created the reseller webaccount
    • At rate table display only timeslots which exist in given rate table
  • Fixed:
    • CDRs fixed in Accounts CDR tab
    • account ID could be generated too short on signup page
    • Ogone payment description fix
    • callshop related issues (CDR display and checkout) of shops owned by admin directly

Build 20110615:

  • New:
    • Lost password recovery feature for endusers.
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed issues in EU VAT editing in endusers area

Build 20110608:

  • New:
    • Selfregistration feature modified. After registration is completed, user will always be given one username/password based account by default. Optionally user is presented with fields to enter their IP address and/or ANI if the corresponding field is granted in their Webaccount Profile setting.
    • Supports EU VAT checking online via EU VIES service.
    • Added Bancontact MisterCash payment method via Ogone.
    • Permanently set allowed rate upload size in htaccess file and display max size on Rate Upload page
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed reseller reference passing on signup and login pages (with their logo)
    • Rate upload bugfix: error if the upload product was specified
    • web access of callshop web accounts broken by timezone feature
    • Fixed pagination/search issues in public area rate search

Build 20110601:

  • New:
    • Account search screen now can be ordered by Account ID or Serial number
    • Account search screen now can be filtered by Serial Number range
    • Added feature for endusers to add / edit / remove their ANIs from webinterface
    • Added feature for endusers to add / edit / remove their contact info
    • Speeddial enable/disable now on Settings > Options
    • Help menu item in endusers area. Allow to enter free formatted text from Settings > Options
  • Fixed:
    • Reseller can edit its accounts Webaccount Profile setting
    • Fixed similar destination detection at rate upload (uploads now faster)
    • simcalls check error on free calls ticket/132
    • Don't check for speeddial if dialed number is longer that 2 digits
    • Disabled autocomplete for password fields
    • Fixed CDR tab in Account screen

Build 20110527:

  • New:
    • End users now are able to view/edit/add/delete their calling accounts and IP addresses. This feature can be disabled/enabled via Webaccount Profiles. By default only "view" option is enabled.
    • Modified Reports on Carrier login: now shows ASR/ACD and unsuccessful calls
    • Added upgrade script.
    • Large Table Rotation feature added. Prevents old CDR table files from growing too large and allows to dump old CDRs to CSV files.
  • Fixed:
    • All reports in all areas respect their timezone settings

Build 20110513:

  • New:
    • New payment method: Bank Wire Transfer. User is presented with screen which lists available payment options.
    • Enduser can see and change their email address
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed Summary tab in Accounts. Summary is much faster and provides proper currency display
    • CDR report in Accounts CDR tab now shows cost column and totals below

Build 20110506:

  • New:
    • My Webbaccount Menu split into 2 tabs: "Preferences" and "Change Password". Under Preferences there is Timezone Setting.
    • Admin area reports now with timezone offset.
    • Added new filer "Source" - in Call Summary report
  • Fixed:
    • Account "CDR" tab in Admin Area properly filters by Called Number
    • SQL replication Alarm rewritten. Now part of the scheduler tasks. Sends email to Administrator if replication breaks
    • Fixed issues with sefregistration and profile setting. Timezone is applied to registered account properly now. New: global parameters "minimum Account ID length" and "minimum Web login Username length"
    • Active calls display for IE9 browsers
    • Fraud prevention features which did not work properly for Alias accounts
    • Restored broken layout of public pages. Now its possible to hide public area left menu without removing left side pane

Build 20110429:

  • New:
    • Several changes to public pages: it is possible to hide/display logo on public page. It is possible to hide/display left menu on public page. Rate display now have same style as other public pages , similar to what is within endusers area
    • 4 digits after comma in DNIS charge table
    • Allow to make calls with prefix + (plus)

Build 20110421:

  • New:
    • Payment methods are fully configurable now via Options page.
    • Access to payment options now can be controlled via Webaccount Profiles
    • Barclaycard payment method added as an option.
    • Unused Destination Code lists are removed when last remaining Rate table is deleted.
    • Public area now displays rates with prefixes (products) similarly as users area.
    • Timezone support added for resellers, endusers and carriers login areas.
    • ANI self registration feature via IVR
    • Triggers which can launch external scripts when Accounts and Resellers are added/edited/deleted.
    • Rate cache feature. Speeds up Authorization and Accounting by heavily reducing number of database queries.
    • Admin CDR report modified: query optimized and now shows totals below
  • Fixed:
    • Time display format mm.mmmm
    • Removed 30 routing group restriction
    • Routing for priority based routing. The more specific destination will be now selected properly. It as broken due to introduction of route caching mechanism.
    • Issue when account is listed more than once if it has assigned more than 1 DID to it.
    • Fixed call summary report.

Build 20110311:

  • New:
  • Fixed:
    • CDR export in Admin clients CDR tab.
    • Moneybookers support
    • Ip address uniquity check when adding an Account and Alias to Account
    • Webcallback display in endusers area
    • Call summary report when terminating carrier has originating/ terminating account with same IP
    • properly detect terminating carrier if it has more than one account with same IP and prefix

Build 20110306:

  • New:
    • In CDR report its possible to choose start and end hour and minute
    • Disconnect causes provided in CDR reports by mouse-over
    • One more control for endusers web profiles: CDR Page columns: use "Username" as "From Number"
  • Fixed:
    • Billing summary ticket/123
    • Change alias account group when main accounts group is changed ticket/120
    • Rate table edit when grouped by destination
    • Reports for terminating carriers
    • Originating Carrier Authorization by IP subnet
    • Carrier CDR and export report

Build 20110222:

  • New:
  • Fixed:
    • Accounts Info tab update function
    • Carrier name display in Payments Report

Build 20110215:

  • New:
    • PDF Templates now are created based on their respective template type (carrier/accout/reseller)
    • suppress ignorable call leg warnings on Accounting Stop
  • Fixed:
    • Subnet based accounting for Terminating Carriers
    • Callshop line block
    • CDR export in Carriers CDR page
    • Front page Stats report ticket/124
    • IE Javascript error ticket/103
    • Front page Statistics display for IE browsers

Build 20110211:

Build 20110209:

  • New:
    • Callshop operator can now see CDRs
    • when adding callshop account from admin, allow setting of timezone
    • Carriers can see list of invoices and get PDFs
    • Rate table display on carriers page
    • VAT number can now be displayed on invoice
    • Added VAT number field on reseller, carrier and accounts pages
    • Support for MVTS Pro
    • Totally rewritten smtp auth send mail. Now supports all tested SMTP servers. Added testing tool on Settings > Options > SMTP tab. See SMTP settings
    • Report IP Address and Country of web registered user
    • Billing summary by destination name and code report
    • Allow setting of starting credit on selfregistration
  • Fixed:
    • Callshop receipt printing
    • Callshop CSS
    • Enduser invoices list and view
    • outgoing number detection on accounting stage
    • Routing Table Upload to avoid duplicate routing rows
    • Accounts Invoices page
    • PIN upload for Resellers
    • Carrier summary report: removes duplicate results when there are multiple carrier accounts with same ip but different prefix

Build 20110116:

  • New:
    • More filters in CDR and Billing Summary Reports- Carriers in/out, IP Addresses
    • Invoice support for Accounts
    • Invoice support for Carriers
    • More options to Serial range edit: Expiry and Product change
    • Option to upload Routing Tables
  • Fixed:
    • broken Active Calls monitor

Build 20110113:

  • New:
    • Simultaneous calls statistics on Front page
    • Multiple-theme layout system
    • Password strength meter to Account and Web Login Password when Adding or editing Account
  • Fixed:
    • Account Groups Security tab

Build 20110105:

  • New:
    • option to cancel Payment
    • shortcut to calls in last 5 minutes in CDR Report
    • More expiry day options for accounts/groups
  • Fixed:
    • Clear route cache on Carrier edit
    • Properly return "account expired" status if the account is expired
    • Ogone payment system now works in server-to-server direct postback mode. That means if client closes its browser before returning to billing page, the account will still be recharged. This is only supported mode now

Build 20101213:

  • New:
    • Account list now remembers 'order by' serial when paginating
    • Option added to change display format of the dialed number on endusers interface (dialed or billed)
    • reseller list pagination and search by name
    • New source type: TelcoBridges
    • Paypal payments now have handling fee and max amount when to apply it
    • Carrier menu has CDR tab now
    • Default Currency selected when Adding Payment
    • Payment Report for admin has option to see all payments
    • Display email in account list
    • Added Spanish to IVR languages
    • Possible to change IVR language by account group
    • Option to upload PINs from text file
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed serious bug where rate edit by reseller could cause damage to admin rate table.
    • Check if Rate is mapped before deleting and don't allow to delete if yes
    • Aliases edit display only type1 products ticket/114
    • voucher generation ignored prefix
    • Fixed rate-product mapping start time display
    • properly handle empty DNIS in dnis charge mapping
    • fixed processing of Ogone payments of value 1000 and larger
    • Carrier summary always missed calls from first hour in a day
    • broken Template Fields editor
    • rate table display to callshop users and admins
    • broken Paypal support

Build 20101111:

  • New:
    • Change number of simultaneous calls are now only in security tab of account group
    • Added 'Summary' tab on Accounts page - shows call and service usage summary
    • Recurring service support
    • LCR support
    • Option to prefix account IDs when doing selfregistration
    • Reseller can see their outgoing payments in Reports > Payments
  • Fixed:
    • broken Carriers web access
    • Fixed IP country detection script
    • Carrier Originating Account detection on auth stage
    • Installation script

Build 20101022:

  • New:
    • Script to import unhandled CDRs
    • limit password length to 20 at selfregistration page
    • ASR/ACD report to Carrier Summary, as well as filter by destination
  • Fixed:
    • Update simultaneous table properly, even if reroute was happening, and stop was received before next hop start
    • If connect time is absent, rather set it to disconnect time for 0 duration calls
    • broken callshop edit
    • money format handling in input forms where it caused credit limits suddenly to reduce
    • Reseller web accounts are properly deleted now when deleting reseller. When creating new web account, web account duplicate is checked
    • IVR will tell users own balance instead of minimum of own and resellers balance
    • Reports Exports for Endusers

Build 20101012:

  • Initial build
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