Milestone 2.3.0


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This is stable production version of ArrowBilling. It might have not as much features as in development branch 3.0, but is preferred in commercial setups.

Here is the build version history:

Released version 2.3.4

  • New:
    • More security updates related to SQL injection prevention.
    • memcached support: greatly increase system performance and reduce database transactions by caching the results in memcache.
    • Invoicing: updated PDF invoice generation. More fields, numbering reset possible.
    • Resellers now can have more edit options in their PINs
    • Layout themes: more color themes added
    • Reports: CDR filter by disconnect cause
    • Implemented proxy access to separate system from the direct access.
    • Codec priority implemented.
    • callshop will use buy rates by default if no sell rate is assigned
    • Throttle control: possibility to limit number of call attempts per second globally.
    • Security feature: limit total system consumption during specific hours of day. (e.g. night)
  • Fixed:
    • Invoicing: EU VAT codes
    • Codec support fixed. (mulaw)
    • Reseller access groups fixed.
    • Active Calls monitor for resellers.

Released version 2.3.3

  • New:
    • SECURITY UPDATE: Prevention of SQL injection attack and logging for analyze with Fail2ban
    • Client contact notes displayed in PDF invoice
    • Allow to edit minumum and maximum number of digits in rate table
    • payment system integration
    • Any number of digits in callshop CDR and checkout pages
    • Last number redial
    • Allow to specify payment date and time
  • Fixed:
    • Occasional logout on enduser interface on higher server load
    • Calculation of total amount in endusers CDR page in multi currency setup
    • PIN Serial range selection error
    • Balance display API

Released version 2.3.2

  • New:
    • Log callshop open and checkout messages to System Log
    • SECURITY UPDATE: log failed login attempts for analyze with Fail2ban
  • Fixed:
    • Errors while copying rate tables
    • Web login was not editable when adding new user
    • Errors in Reseller register ANI via IVR

Released version 2.3.1

  • Includes all features and fixes below up to this point

Build 20121212:

  • New:
    • DID numbers can be uploaded from file
    • Added caller ID rewrite by pattern matching in terminating carrier account
    • Allow edit expiry date of client
  • Fixed:
    • Fix prefix selection on callshop rate edit page
    • Fixed search PIN by ANI

Build 20121205:

  • New:
    • Admin can delete any rate table regardless of ownership
    • Feature to edit rate table connect fee, minimum duration, grace and increment for entire table at once
  • Fixed:
    • pagination in rate table list page
    • Pinless account display fixed

Build 20121130:

  • New:
    • Callshop currency edit feature added
    • Added option to sort CDRs at callshop checkout desc/asc.
    • Added option to increase number of decimals at callshop pay window
  • Fixed:
    • PIN expiry edit when chaning from days to fixed date
    • Double rate table generation on callshop rate upload/edit

Build 20121123:

  • New:
    • Callshop search filters added
  • Fixed:
    • Automatic Invoicing
    • Possible duplicated payment adding when connection to server is slow
    • Active calls fix: missing call counters on some of the rerouted calls
    • Cleanup of stale calls from Active calls list
    • Optimized callshop rate table edit
    • Billing increment interval defaults when uploading rate tables in callshop
    • Broken CDR export for callshops from admin panel

Released version 2.3.0

  • Includes all features and fixes below up to this point

Build 20121112:

  • New:
    • Callshop operator has access to call summary and received payments reports
  • Fixed:
    • Incorrect total number of invoices display on Reseller Invoices tab
    • Callshop "No buy rate" error message by adding inheritance fix when Product mappings updated

Build 20121109:

  • New:
    • Added Reseller based outgoing rewrite feature (Reseller Settings tab)
    • Added link to account page in ticket list
    • Added links in Reports > CDR page
  • Fixed:
    • Adding callshop line from Reseller interface caused rate table lost from line and "No buy rate" error message
    • Simultaneous calls limit fixed for Terminating Carriers
    • Web registration minimum Account ID length conflicts
    • fixed broken payment method name display in webaccount edit page
    • fixed admin logo display in user payments link instead of reseller

Build 20121026:

  • New:
    • Added Arabic

Build 20121019:

  • New:
    • Added callback A leg routing group selection on interface
  • Fixed:
    • Simple Theme

Build 20121012:

  • New:
    • Support for callshop other charges at checkout
    • Allow to set arbitrary default values for callshop rate edit
    • Callshop rate edit has now shortcut letters
    • Can now edit selling intervals in callshop
  • Fixed:
    • fixed term carrier account disable/enable to also include accounts itself
    • fixed exception at reseller not found for IVR add ANI
    • fixed voucher payment for callshops
    • fixed column sort in report export method

Build 20121005:

  • New:
    • Suppress "Terminating account not found" warnings for 0 duration calls and local calls
    • PDF invoice: added LOGO shorthand
    • callshop admin area rate edit and upload separated. more upload formats. edit improved, selection of prefix
    • rate upload use file name as table name if not specified
    • Can define default shop sell rate table
    • payment method names now can be translated via templates
    • Dutch translations fine tuned
    • Added batch payment tab to PIN batches
  • Fixed:
    • Do not route to disabled carriers. show strike through carrier name if disabled in route page
    • Fixed currency conversion at carrier login CDR totals
    • Fixed rate display on PDF invoice
    • PDF invoice fixed path handling in image URL
    • Fix pagination in callshop call summary report
    • Fixed default rate for new callshops

Build 20120921:

  • New:
    • Callshop admin Lines and Users menu item moved under Setup menu item
    • Callshop admin now has reports section with call summary, payments in and out
    • Display also Company name in reg users list
    • In Clients > Access > webaccounts there is now Alarms checkbox. Also can edit own account (except username and perm group)
    • display company name in summary report
    • registered users list shows now individual accounts as well as clients
    • PIN edit screen now has expriry date modify options
  • Fixed:
    • fixed pagination error on callshop CDR pages
    • Minor fixes on rate timeslot management. Fixed broken delete and added more checks on delete

Build 20120824:

  • New:
    • Added API function get_balance_by_email
    • Added payment method inherit feature. Allows admins to override payment methods for the resellers
    • Added French to IVR lang list
  • Fixed:
    • fixed possible crash of accounting with child/parent NAS setting
    • Fixed number of calls display on PDF invoices
    • Fixed number of calls in carrier invoices

Build 20120817:

  • New:
    • Don’t prevent account registration if reseller balance is 0
    • User can select interface language in his preferences tab
  • Fixed:
    • errors in rate table edit screen
    • Product map/ single product selection in webaccount profiles.
    • Incremental account ID generation

Build 20120810:

  • New:
    • Invoice PDFs are now stored in database instead of generated on the fly at view time
    • Multipage rate upload. rate upload completely modified- now using memory based catching during upload
    • New API function recharge_account_by_email
  • Fixed:
    • DID number assignment and de-assignment

Build 20120726:

  • Fixed:
    • When deleting PIN, also delete all its ANIs

Build 20120719:

  • New:
    • Added API function add_account
    • Added db backup tools under tools/admin
    • Added IVR recharge by voucher
    • Added carrier block calls by ANI
    • Allow select product-currency mapping for self registration
  • Fixed:
    • timezone offset for new syslog messages
    • crash if term. number of sim calls = 0
    • enduser rate display displayed expired rate if more than 1 rate was in mapping

Build 20120705:

  • New:
    • Added Dutch, French and Portuguese translations
    • Separate permissions for reseller active calls and online user list
    • Reseller online payment options
    • allow multi-page upload for XLS files
  • Fixed:
    • fixed Paypal and Skrill payments for callshops/carriers

Build 20120628:

  • New:
    • Added registered users list feature
    • Admin can see all shops
    • Reseller can switch shop IP address
    • Allow to have separate payment values for Paypal and Skrill payments from callshops/resellers and carriers
    • Tabs redesigned. PINs now in new separate edit/view mode
    • Adding of Aswitch Services via radius
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed broken voucher display and also fixed voucher permissions

Build 20120614:

  • New:
    • Added more options for softphone balance display API
    • Callshop keyboard shortcuts added: 1-9 for shops with max 9 lines will open the line, 2-key press 01-99 will open lines for shops with 10-99 lines. "Enter" to checkout, "P" to print and checkout, "c" - show change, "esc" - to close.

Build 20120607:

  • New:
    • Online payments for Carrier Area. Carriers can pay online by Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill)
    • Carriers can update their interface language in the "My webaccount" menu item
    • Online payments for Callshop Area. Callshop owner can pay online by Paypal, Moneybookers (Skrill) or Voucher
    • Added "Company" column in Payments Report (Admin interface)
    • Resellers can change language from "My webaccount" menu item
    • Resellers can set their own Paypal and Moneybookers settings
    • Added link to portal help document
  • Fixed:
    • Optimized Buy Rate Report. Now complex reports will not time out.
    • Properly handling of the error in case of LCR and dialled number not in master list
    • Portal CSS file upload fix

Build 20120531:

  • New:
    • Modified callshop checkout - it is overlay window now.
    • Added Keyboard shortcuts to callshop pages
    • Added Call summary Report for Callshop owner
    • Added Preferences in Callshop
    • Display Calling number in PIN CDR
    • Portal pages can now be arranged in directories
    • Allow customisation of voucher logo
    • Allow to edit portal pages in html. page delete function added
    • Skrill payments allow to hide login page, and use automatic language selection
    • Skrill pay icons made larger
  • Fixed:
    • Reseller dependence on callshop line edit from admin panel
    • added missing contact fields on PDF invoice
    • Search by ANI filter fixed on PIN page
    • Synchronised fields across mail templates and (partially) pdf

Build 20120517:

  • New:
    • Added Portal pages function
    • Added support for domain based site selection.
    • Spanish Interface translation added
    • Added flag icons to login language selection box
  • Fixed:
    • Account group invoice template uplod and display fixed
    • fixed CDR and Summary Reports display in Carriers area
    • fixed multi-language login
    • fixed broken edit and delete ANI subaccount uder PINs

Build 20120517:

  • New:
    • Resellers can change theme of the website
    • Callshop admin can now edit any rate table code in place and/or upload new rate table
  • Fixed:
    • LCR cache did not expire properly
    • Missing invoice after Paypal payment
    • Pagination on Reseller CDR

Build 20120426:

  • New:
    • New Auth-type: Username + IP
    • Routing now completely rebuilt. Dropped route cache. Priority routing uses simple query now. LCR routing uses LCRMAP

Build 20120417:

  • New:
    • Created mass mail scheduler interface
  • Fixed:
    • restored broken Reseller interface customize feature
    • more descriptive error on callshop line add failures

Build 20120417:

  • New:
    • Callshop edit screen added to admin interface
    • Added "Login As" function for callshop logins
  • Fixed:
    • fix sell rate when editing callshop
    • update Product of alias if main account changes its product
    • Payments report "from Reseller" filter fixed
    • Admin Carrier CDR report fixed (cost column)
    • Fixed reseller "Login As" links which did not work immediately after new account was added or after edit.

Build 20120403:

  • New:
    • PIN list with ANI subrows
    • Customizable Help area for admin - add own Help page
    • Reseller CDR tab now with cost and profit columns
    • Allow any product to be selected for billing articles (lower level reseller)
    • Ported first API functions from version 1.8 - callback and recharge_account
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed total invoice amount on users Invoice list page
    • Fixed buy rate report: now based on master code list breakouts only
    • Fixed money format display issues in PDF invoice (amounts over 1000)

Build 20120327:

  • New:
    • Callshop admin now can upload Rate tables
    • Allow to choose mandatory delimiter in CSV export
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed CSV upload detector based on file extension and MIME type
    • Fixed Carrier CDR report with account filter
    • Master code upload-edit now allows to choose most recent table in the past

Build 20120320:

  • New:
    • Added Terminating Carrier limit counters
    • PINS edit screen added. Payment and CDR tabs added for PIN
    • Allow definition of up to 4 custom fields on client add/edit page
    • Check selfregistration username valid pattern
    • Additioanal fixes applied after callshop testing - also added option to inherit rate-prod mappings for lower reseller levels when top reseller changes them
    • Callshop admin can now edit rate tables in place
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed broken caller ID enforce

Build 20120320:

  • New:
    • A major overhaul of callshop - now it is necessary to create new reseller for each callshop. It is done automatically by the system in background
    • Added carrier permission to add/edit their accounts
    • Added menu item for callshop admin to add/remove shop lines
    • Added timezone selection in shop users list
  • Fixed:
    • Fix cases where connect time is reported as leter than disconnect. Avoid 24H calls

Build 20120306:

  • Initial build
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