ANI Registration via IVR

This function allows to register ANI for later use in Callback and Calling card applications.

(If you are system Administrator, please see Aswitch ani_register module guide )

Step by Step guide

  1. Make sure the DID is mapped. Also if needed, check switch settings
  2. Navigate to "Settings" > "WebAccount Profiles".
  3. Click on "default" profile.
  4. The Webaccount settings page will open.

  1. Set following fields:
    • Check "This profile is default for selfregistration" checkbox if this will be default web profile. If you have only one webaccount profile, then check this checkbox also.
    • "Apply this profile for access numbers" - write DID number which will be used for ANI registration.
    • You may also want to check Product, Currency and account group which will be assigned to this new ANI
  2. Click "Update"
  3. Make a test call.
  4. Go to Home > System Log. Message similar to this should appear:

  1. The ANI account should now appear under Clients menu
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