Creating Multiple Quality Services by Prefix

With ArrowBilling it is possible to create several Price and Quality service levels. User is given different prefixes, and by selecting dial prefix, he can select service which he would like to use.

For example:

  • Prefix 00 - is Standard Quality , with lowest price, no guaranteed CLI delivery
  • Prefix 100 - is Silver Quality, with medium price, no guaranteed CLI delivery
  • Prefix 1000 - is Gold Quality, with highest price, and guaranteed CLI delivery

To set this scenario, operator needs to set up multiple routing groups (one per each prefix) and upload multiple rate tables (one per prefix) and map them together in Product mapping page.

Below is step by step guide:

Creating multiple Routing Groups

  • Make sure you have appropriate carriers set up before setting up routing.
  • Navigate to "Products > Routing" section.
  • Click "routing Groups" tab. Click "Add Routing Group" button. Type the name of the Routing group and click "save" button.

  • You have now created Routing group, but its still blank (no routes inside). Click on the newly created group name to enter into Routing editing.
  • Click "Add Route" (versions up to 2.1) or "Add Routing Destination" (versions 2.2 and up). Follow instructions to create route according to the version installed.
  • Repeat above procedure for all prefixes you would like to use.

Creating Multiple Rates

  • Create or upload Rate tables.
  • Repeat this steps for each prefix you would like to use.

Mapping into product

  • Go to "Products" , and click "Add New Product" button. Select type "Accounts" (default), type the name and optionally description. Save it.

  • Go into Product mapping page by clicking Products name.
  • Click "Add Mapping button". Select the rate table you want to use with first service level. Select routing group you want to use with first level. Select the prefix. Start time will be today, you can leave it with no change. Save when done.

  • Repeat the steps for all levels (Gold, Silver, etc.). When finished your mapping will look like the example below:

  • Note that items Status is either "Current" or "Future". If some of the status shows expired, please check if each row has unique prefix.


  • Assign the product to the account.
  • Make the test by using different prefixes.
  • In case of failure, please refer to "System Log"

Using with Resellers

It is also possible to use this scenario with resellers. Note, however, that each reseller must craete their own sell rates individually. They are not automatically created for them.

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