Enduser Selfregistration

ArrowBilling provides an option for end users to register they accounts online. This process creates endusers accounts automatically, without operators intervention. System generates new account for each registered user.

Before You Start

During the registration process, they system will send confirmation email to the email address of the newly registered user, and a notification message to the email address of system administration. It is important to configure SMTP Settings and Administrator Email address before attempting to configure selfregistration.

Setting up Selfregistration

  1. Check if SMTP settings are working properly. Starting from version 2.2.0 there is test button in Options SMTP tab.
  1. Navigate to "Settings" > "Options" , "Endusers Interface".

  1. Set the preferred options for selfregistration:
Use email address as web login username
check this checkbox if you want to use email address as web login username. In this case users will login using their email addresses as usernames. If the checkbox is not checked, the separate box will be presented.
Prefix Symbols in Account ID (starts with)
While creating Account ID, system will prefix all accounts with digits from this box. Example, if you enter '999' here, then account IDs will be generated like: 99928573, 99901645, 99967490 etc
Number of digits in Account ID (including prefix)
total number of digits in generated accounts ID
Selfregistration Account Group
Account group where newly registered accounts will be assigned
Selfregistration Product
Product which will be assigned to newly registered accounts
Selfregistration Currency
Currency of newly registered accounts
Selfregistration Initial Credit
Initial credit (see currency above)
  1. Enable selfregistration by checking "Enable Selfregistration" checkbox. Save the settings. The selfregistration is activated.

Testing Selfregistration

  1. Go to users login page (usually http://host/billing/login) or directly to Signup Form page (usually http://host/billing/signup)

  1. There is now "No Account? Register" link below login box. Follow this link and fill the form. Click "Proceed >>" button.
  1. If the system is set up properly, the email is sent to users address and administrators email. Also new account is immediately created.
  1. Confirm the account by clicking URL which was sent in confirmation email.

Common Problems

Error message "Sending mail Failed" is displayed. Check SMTP settings.

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