Common Errors

Q: I am getting error: "Acct Stop Terminating account not found for call to destination XXXX "

This not an error actually. This is just Warning that the system was unable to calculate the buy rate for the call. It does not affect a call passing, as this message is always generated after the call is disconnected, i.e. the call has passed already. The only implication of this warning is that Your profits will not be exactly calculated. Make sure You have assigned buy rates to your carrier accounts.

Q: I am getting error: "Call Reject = Reseller AAA has no buy rate to call XXXXXXXXX"

The buy rate mapping on resellers page is missing. Login as reseller, click Products. Then find his sell product and click on its name. Check if "Parent Rate" column contains any rate. If not, edit it and assign


Q: What's this Product, and how to assign rate to the account ?

The Product is new concept which we introduced to allow more flexibility. It allows to change rates in future, and also set different rates by dialling different prefix (e.g.00, 011, 99, etc...). You need to assign a product to the account, and then go into Product mapping page by clicking product name. Here you click "Add Mapping" button and select Rate table, Routing group and Prefix. More on Products here

Q: Where can I upload rates to existing Rate Table?

You need to upload new Rate table. Then you go to "Products", click the Product which you have assigned to the account and click "Add Mapping" button. Select the Rate table which you have just uploaded, select the Routing group, (type 00 in Inbound prefix field if you want that your users call with 00) and click "Save"

Q: When creating Product. I can define type: 1) Account 2) Originating carrier 3) Terminating carrier. Whats the use of Originating carrier type?

For your wholesale billing, you can create Originating Carrier account under Carrier section. It gives more flexibility when working with wholesale traffic. Examples are: IP subnet based authentication, inbound prefix, possibility to define inbound and outbound accounts for same carrier

Q: I want to allow my customers call with prefix 00 and without, both

Go to Products, click the product name. You are in mappings page. Now click "Add New Mapping" and add same Rate table and Routing table twice, once with prefix 00 and other without any prefix

Rates and Billing

Q: How can I assign Rate to account

It is done via Product Mapping page. First create a Product and assign to the account. Then navigate to Products > click Products name and assign rate table and routing group to the product. This is Product mapping

Q: My Terminating Carrier is not shown in reports

For CDR and Summary reports to show carrier, you have to assign Product with valid Rate table to the Carrier Account which terminated the call. Steps are:

  1. upload your buy rate as usually from "Products > Rates > Upload" menu
  2. create Product with type "terminating carrier"
  3. map the Rate which you created in step 1 to Product which you created in step 2
  4. go to Carrier, click the Account. Expand the Account, click to edit it, assign the product, and Save.


Q: How do assign Rate to Reseller?

You have to do it in a same way as for Account: through mapping Rate to Product. Please see above question "What's this Product, and how to assign rate to the account ? "


Q: How can i see failed calls and reason for failure

in Home > System log you should see all current call progress and failures. In Reports > System Log you can search for past failed calls. Use "Max Level" = Warning and "Type" = Call Reject.

Q: I have to send calls to the same IP , with different prefix , how can i do that

You should create separate Terminating Account under the same Carrier, but with different prefix. The carrier is identified by IP address and prefix combination.

Q: How can I change the sip port for the carrier. For example default is 5060, but I need 7060

Enter port number after IP address separated by : (colon). For example:

Q: Our client needs to send us calls with prefix 123 , and we need to replace this prefix and send to our carrier with prefix 999

When you create mapping for the Product (navigate to Products > click Products name), you need to assign rate table and routing group to the product. Thereis also field for "inbound prefix". Add it here (i.e. 123). When you create Terminating Carrier add its prefix 999 there. That will make 123 replaced by 999

Q. I need to send A-Z Destinations to Carrier A but specific country X to Carrier B. How can I do it?

Navigate to Products > Routing. Click "Destinations" tab. Click "Add Destination" button and enter country X Name. Save it. Once you save, a plus (+) symbol appears. Click on it to enter and save country code for this country. Repeat if it has more than one code. Click "Route groups" and pick the routing group which you want to modify. Click "Add new route" and add route to country X via Carrier B

Q. That's fine, but I want that calls to country X are sent ONLY via Carrier B and not to A-Z Carrier A

Go to routing group you wish to modify. Edit Carrier A and set it to lower priority than Carrier B (priority 2 is lower than priority 1). Edit Carrier B and check "No Jump"/(Huntstop) checkbox to prevent route from going to any other carrier beyond this one.


Q. How can I see disconnect cause (release code) of each call?

Go to Reports > Call Details. At each call there is expand link (gray triangle). Click on it, the Disconnect cause column (DC) will be shown. Mouse over the code number to see description.


Q. How to enable / disable batch of cards by serial number range ?

  • go to Clients > Account groups
  • click Serials tab
  • in "Range Start:" and "Range End:" write serials range to start and end
  • click "search"
  • then "Change Status"
  • click "Modify/Post"
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