Generating Invoices

(since version 2.2.0)

Currently System supports manual Invoice generation for Resellers. Invoice contains all calls consumed during the requested period, grouped by destination group. It is possible to create PDF invoice for printing.

Before You Start


To be able to create Invoice in PDF format, please create and upload template first. Please see InvoiceTemplates for correct format to create templates. Once template is created, navigate to Settings > Customize. Use "Default Invoice Template" field to upload template. This will be global default template for all invoices created in the System.

Click "View Source Text" to see template in separate browser tab. Click "Preview PDF" to preview template in PDF format. The fields will contain placeholders as they appear in template (not replaced with their actual values).


Invoice numbering is automatic. You can adjust numbering patterns according to your needs. To do it, navigate to Settings > Options, and click "Billing and Payments" tab.

Fields which control the numbering:

Invoice Numbering Pattern
Set the patterns for invoicing. Any numbers, letters and symbols are supported, in addition to these special fields:

%year% Current Year
%mon% Current Month
%mday% Current Date
%num% Incremental number
Invoice Numbering Start
Sets the first value of %num% attribute in Invoicing pattern.

For example, you would like to number your invoices like 100001/2010, 100002/2010, 100003/2010... etc where 2010 is current year. In this case set "Invoice Numbering Pattern": %num%/%year% and "Invoice Numbering Start" to 100001

Create Invoice

Navigate to Clients > Resellers. Click Resellers name. Click "Invoices" tab. The list of current invoices will appear. Use search box to search for previously created invoices.

Click "Create Invoice" button to create new invoice. New row will appear prompting to select date range for new invoice.

Click Inside "Period St" and "Period End" fields to invoke calendar. Select date range which you would like to invoice. Note that period end will always include whole End date. For example, selecting range "2010-01-01" to "2010-01-31" will actually include entire month of January 2010, from January 1st, 00:00:00 till January 31, 23:59:59.

Click "Calculate" link to preview invoice amount.

Once done, click "Save" button on the right side of the row. Invoice will be created and new row saved.

You can use "View Invoice" link to preview values of the invoice.

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