Quick Start Guide

This guide will provide help in setting up basic calling from VoIP account to remote number via 3rd provided by 3rd party terminating carrier

Before You Start

Please check the following before setting up the calling system:

  • The switching equipment is set up and connected to ArrowBilling. In case you are using ArrowSwitch, please check if the ArrowSwitch is set up and you have IP address of the switch available. To add new switching device to ArrowBilling, please see Datasources?
  • For PSTN-terminated calls, there should be terminating carrier ready set which will accept calls from your switch. Please have their connection credentials ready.
  • Prepare your sell and buy rate tables. The spreadsheet with columns of country code, destination name and call rate should be enough.
  • Have your testing device ready. It can be any softphone, IP phone, ATA or any other device

Setting up the System

Uploading Rates

  • Prepare the rate table on your computer. Create a 3 - column spreadsheet with country code in 1st column, name in 2nd column and call rate (per minute) in 3rd column. If your rate table has different format, please see RateUploadTemplates?
  • Save as .csv file on your computer.
  • Navigate to Products > Rates > Upload.
  • Pick the name and write in the name box. Choose the "Simple 3column template". Browse for file and upload.

Creating Carriers and Routing

  • Navigate to Carriers and click "Add Carrier" button. This will be for the carrier which will terminate the calls.
  • Fill the name of the carrier. You can leave the balance of the carrier default at 0.00

  • Save Carrier
  • Click the carrier name link. Carrier Edit screen will appear. Click the "Accounts" tab
  • Click "Add Account" button.
  • Fill the IP address of the carrier and any Prefix they have provided. Note: do not write country code in prefix field. This is for technical prefix only if one is supplied.
  • Save the settings

  • If your carrier requires authorization by username/password rather than IP address, please use "Advanced" tab. This feature is currently supported only by ArrowSwitch. Please see Platform Specific Notes?
  • Check "Register with Carrier" checkbox.
  • Fill domain, username, password and "From user" fields as specified by carrier.

  • Navigate to "Products >Routing" section.
  • Click "default routing" group. Click "Add Route" button.
  • Select "AZ Destinations" from Destinations list, your Carrier Account from Carrier Account list. Leave the priority 1 (highest) and save.

Creating Product and linking rates to it

  • Navigate to Products. Click "Add Product" and write name and description of the product. Choose the type "Accounts" and save it.

  • Click the name of newly created Product. Product mapping page will open.
  • Click "Add Mapping" button
  • Select Rate table which you have uploaded, "default routing group" in the Routing Group column. Type "00" in In Prefix field to allow users calls these numbers with international prefix 00. (Leave blank if you wish to not do so).
  • Save the mapping

Creating Account

  • Navigate to "Clients > Accounts" section. Click "Add New Account" button.
  • Type username and password. These will be used for account authentication on calling device (softphone, IP phone).
  • Leave authentication type "Username/PIN/ID"
  • Allow some Credit Limit
  • Choose the product which you have selected previously
  • Save account

The system is set up for calling at this stage.


  • Use "Home > System Log" for observing system status. Note that some platforms may not display specific messages
  • Register your calling device with switching equipment if registration is supported. Check System Log for registration information.
  • Place the call. Observe presence of international prefix while calling in accordance of Product Mapping settings.
  • Check "Reports > Call Details" after call was disconnected.
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