Rate Upload Format

ArrowBilling version 2 features advanced rate upload capabilities. It is possible to build your own template for uploading virtually any format of rate tables. One can define contents of columns, order of columns and their default values. This definition can be saved then as Rate Upload Template and used on the later time.

Default Rate Format

For your convenience, we have included Template which has format exactly the same as it is when you download the Rate table in "Products > Rates > Items" menu area.

The file example is here:

Code,Description,Enabled,"Rate Minute","Rate Call",Currency,Increment,Grace,"Minimal Duration"

Download Here: attachment:rate2.csv

Explanation of column names:

Destination country or country+ area codes
Name of destination, as it will appear in CDRs
enable/disable flag: if disabled, this destination will be blocked. Valid values for Enable: Enabled,Yes,True,1. Valid values for disabled: Disabled, No, False, 0. Some operators choose to block premium rate services or similar expensive destinations.
Rate Minute
Call rate in money per minute denominations
Rate Call
Call connection fee in money units (one time charge per call)
Currency name (ISO code)
Call accounting increment in seconds (resolution or step)
Free time, calls shorter than this number of seconds will not be charged
Minimal Duration
Calls shorter that this amount of seconds will be rounded up to this number of seconds. Example, if this value is 30, then any call which is shorter than 30 seconds, will be charged as 30 second call.

The column separator is "comma". If the field contains comma inside the fields, then the fields must be enclosed in " ".


When uploading, choose predefined Template named "As Exported (DTL Arrow 2)":

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