Reseller IVR Functions

Note! This functionality is available only in combination with ArrowSwitch


Reseller IVR Functions allow resellers to manage their accounts (PINs) without accessing web interface. All they need is telephone and possibility to dial into your IVR access number.

General Setup

  1. Make sure you have IVR module in ArrowSwitch enabled and your PINs are able to use it normally.
  2. Set up Reseller or Resellers, as usually
  3. Enable Reseller IVR functions globally, in the system.
    1. Login as "Administrator"
    2. Go to "Settings", "Options", "Resellers" tab.

  1. Check "IVR Account management features" and "Save"
  1. Login as "Reseller"
  2. Go to "Settings", "Options", "Special" tab.

  1. In the field "Authorized ANI for IVR" write Resellers phone number (ANI) exactly as it is presented to the billing system.
  2. Save changes

Using the function

  1. Dial the Calling Card Access Number
  2. The IVR should prompt for options:
    • To add phone number press 1

This option will add ANI to the system. Next prompt will ask for ANI to store

  • To add money to number press 2

This option will add funds to selected ANI number. Next prompt will ask for ANI and amount to add.

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