SIM Dialer Configuration


SIM dialers are small, SIM-shaped thin film devices which can be inserted between your mobile phone's SIM and the phone. By making electric contact between phone and SIM they intercept data between SIM and phone. In this way, it is possible to modify called numbers in a way that the user can simply dial their numbers normally (e.g. from Address Book), but the numbers will be intercepted in background and modified to use various Calling Card or Call Back services.

Installation of module

Installation of module is simple and can be done by end-user themselves

It is inserted int the phone, under the SIM

SIM is placed on top of dialer and the slot is locked

Module Menu Items and Configuration

SIM dialer requires configuration. The operator should configure dial strings so the dialer knows how to dial the service. Once the phone is booted, the SIM dialer will install separate menu item on the phone main menu. Below are sample for Nokia phones.

In above sample, the menu item is called "IP CALL" and features small SIM icon. Click the icon to open the main menu:

Main menu items

  • ON - switch SIM predialer function ON
  • OFF - switch SIM predialer function OFF
  • NUMBER - select service
  • ADVANCED - configuration
  • LANGUAGE - select interface language

End user accessible area


Activate SIM dialer, call dialing is controlled by SIM dialer, and some destinations will be controlled by dialer.


Deactivate SIM dialer completely, all calls are dialed by phone SIM directly, and dialer does not interfere with calling.


Usually SIM dialers offer several predefined "services" which can be selected under NUMBER menu item. Operator can define the services at his choice, for example Service1 can be calling card service in country A, Service2- calling card service in country 2 , and Service3- call back service. User is able to access this menu item and select the service which he/she chooses.

Enter the NUMBER menu item and select the service to use. The * (star) symbol shows currently selected service

Operator only accessible area


operator configurable area. This area is password protected

Upon entering ADVANCED area for first time, the password screen will appear. Enter operator password to proceed:

This is configuration menu:

  • MODE - operational mode (normal call, calling card, callback, etc)
  • SET FILTER - filter to capture specific dial patterns for SIM dialer interception
  • SPEED - DTMF speed
  • SET NUMBER - dialstring setup
  • ADD CODE - number modifications

Sets operational mode. Examples are:

  • CONT. CALL - continuous call
  • ICC1# - calling card mode 1 with #
  • ICC1 - calling card mode 1
  • ICC2# - calling card mode 2 with #
  • ICC2 - calling card mode 2
  • ICC3# - calling card mode 3 with #
  • ICC3 - calling card mode 3
  • ICB1 - callback mode 1
  • ICB2 - callback mode 2
  • ICB3 - callback mode 3

Sets the filter for dial patterns to capture by SIM dialer. Two types of filters are available:

  • Allow - set the allowed numbers which will be intercepted by filter. For example, 00#+# will mean that any number starting with 00 or + will be intercepted by SIM dialer and dialed according to SIM dialer settings. This example shows how to do it for international calls.
  • Limit - list of numbers never intercepted by SIM dialer. Add emergency numbers and directory services here. Example: 10#11#12#91# shows that numbers like 112, 911 are never intercepted by SIM dilaer and always dialed by phone directly.

DTMF signal speed. Set 1 for highest speed, set higher number for slower speed on lower-quality networks


Sets dial string for each service. It should include PIN number and calling card or callback access number. For calling card and callback services the dialstring is usually: 1234567890*12345678#

Here 1234567890 is DID access number and 12345678 is users own PIN number


Possibility to activate/ deactivate special digit replacements. Below example shows how + is replaced by 00 before sending out. This is required due to absence of DTMF code for +

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