Called number rewrite in Wholesale Billing

(since version 2.1.0)

System provides following number rewrite features:

  • Inbound prefix matching and removal for originating carrier
  • Location based number handling, i.e. replacing shortened in-country dialing with standard number. Example: when in UK, one may wish to call UK mobile number as 07xxxxx instead of full number 447xxxxx. Since the rate table will provide entry for 447 only and not 07, the system will rewrite this number. This allows also accounts not in UK to use the same rate table. See Location Profiles
  • Special number handling. Some operators want to replace specific dialed numbers. Examples are customer care numbers, short number etc.
  • Outgoing Carrier prefix append. Appends any prefix to dialed digits when calls terminates via specific Terminating Carrier
  • Outgoing Carrier prefix rewrite. Manipulate prefix (check digits, remove, append) when calls terminates via specific Terminating Carrier

It is possible to use none, some or all of the features for any Originating and/or Terminating Carrier combinations.

Rewrite rule application order:

  • Inbound prefix matching for Originating Carrier
  • Location based number handling for Originating Carrier
  • Special number handling based on Product mapping settings
  • Rate and Billing selection, Routing selection and outgoing Carrier selection
  • Outgoing Carrier prefix append
  • Outgoing Carrier prefix rewrite
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