Following general reports are available in the system:


Displays billed call information. The data is presented here ONLY if the billing process runs properly, i.e. Accounts, Resellers or Carriers are configured with proper buy or sell products. If no information is presented here, but it is known that calls are passing, please refer to SystemLog


Billing information report by client. Top consuming clients are displayed first. Last days and weeks information is presented to get historical data.

Call Details

Combined raw call data with billing information. The report is based on raw CDR table. Expanding the individual CDR will present additional information about each call:

  • Technical information: session ID, disconnect cause, IP address and other data.
  • Billing information if available:
    • All billed call legs associated with this call.

Calls Summary

There are 2 subreports:

Carrier Summary

This report includes add calls, including unbilled

Top Destination Summary

This reports includes only billed calls

Invoice List

List of all invoices, including to Resellers, Accounts and Carriers


List of all payments, including to/from Resellers, Accounts and Carriers

System Log

There are 2 subreports:

System Log

displays all system activity. For more information, please see SystemLog.

Webaccess Log

All access and access attempts to interfaces of the system, on all levels

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