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ArrowSwitch is SIP/H.323 switch designed to complement DataTechLabs ArrowBilling. It has RADIUS support, and many features which are specially designed to work in pair with ArrowBilling. In the same time it can be used with any other RADIUS based billing system (not all features will work however)

It is based on Yate Telephony Engine, Gnu Gatekeeper, Bsdradius and Wobble library


  • supports H.323 and SIP
  • RADIUS based AAA
  • RADIUS based dynamic routing
  • media proxying, with trans-coding
  • selection of modules:
    • standard switch module, with and without media proxy
    • calling card module, with multi-language IVR
    • ANI based callback module, with multi-language IVR
    • ANI registration module for storing customer ANIs
    • balance inquiry module
    • web-based callback module
    • advertising-driven calling card module

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