version 2.2.11

  • fixed ANI callback module: hanging A leg calls. Added balance and remaining time play IVR.
  • fixed IVR module: accounting update messages
  • fixed possibly missed accounting start which could cause Active Calls not to display properly

version 2.2.10

  • added feature to arbitrary reorder codec priority from Radius/Billing server
  • IVR module can make calls to registered users. IVR language selectable by Radius/Billing
  • Yate/Aswitch connection is now possible also via Unix Socket
  • Added support for use_original_called and use_contact_as_clip in SIP messages
  • Added outgoing gateway and domain support in accounting stop message
  • Fixed IVR language override by default in case radius server did not set language

version 2.2.9

  • CLIP can be now used from Contact header instead of From

version 2.2.8

  • Added multi language support (by access number) in IVR module
  • fixed PIN based ANI callback
  • Balance module properly disconnect call after IVR play
  • AUD CAD GYD currency support in IVR
  • Recharge module added

version 2.2.7

  • Added dtlctl startup/shutdown/check scripts
  • Allow modifications of caller ID to calls to locally registered users
  • Fixed few possible crash cases in rejected call attempts
  • provide correct default drop cause for calldrop message

version 2.2.6

  • Added compatibility support for ArrowBilling version 2.3 and higher- supports selection of codecs on carrier per carrier basis

version 2.2.5

Note: this version requires wobble library 2.1.1 or newer and bsdradius version 0.7.3 or newer.

  • Fixed outgoing number support in CDR of H323 calls
  • Fixed IVR balance play in RADIUS mode (IVR module)
  • Added handling of mandatory ip port on carrier registration
  • Added RADIUS bind to interface- now can use on multiple IP machines. Requires bsdradius 0.7.3
  • Added Reject reporting compatible with fail2ban. See how to configure
  • Properly respect maximum duration from configuration file ( IVR module )
  • Prompt again for PIN after the balance has finished ( IVR module )

version 2.2.4

  • Fixed critical server crash issues related to lost connection to yate engine. Please upgrade to this version immediately! Ticket #16 Ticket #18 Ticket #19
  • Fixed crash in ani_callback_module Ticket #21

version 2.2.3

  • web callback module fixed to work with lateroute
  • Fixes in IVR module:
    • if the device detected contains keyword "Nokia", then g729 and g723 codecs are presented in route message .
    • handle "no-money" radius code with respective IVR message
    • fixes incorrect out-number sent in radius acct-stop
  • Fixes in std_switch module:
    • resolved crash described in Ticket #20
    • fixed wrong outgoing number sent to radius in acct-stop message
  • Fixes in ANI callback module:
    • make callback trigger more reliable by replacing socket lib with telnetlib
    • properly handle forked routes

version 2.2.2

  • Fixed rewritten number attribute in radius accounting stop message: now compatible with Arrow 1 and Arrow 2 billing series
  • Fixed possible aswitch crash when Yate message does not have time attribute
  • Added full support for SIM predialers in ANI callback module. Predialer can send PIN and destination number separated by DTMF # signal

version 2.2.1

  • fixed Radius "xpgk-dst-number-out" attribute to report proper rewritten (outgoing) number to Radius
  • fixed handling of Radius authorization accept message with missing "h323-credit-time" attribute
  • multiple fixes in ANI callback module which made it working properly

version 2.2.0

  • initial version
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