Taking debug Log

(since version 2.2.0)

It is sometime necessary to have detailed logging of aswitch in order to investigate particular problem, error or behavior specifics. In such cases it is advised to have as detailed as possible logging of aswitch enabled. On the other hand, in normal operation mode it is advised to only enable important warnings and errors to be logged to reduce CPU overhead and save disk space from fast growing log files.

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Locate aswitch configuration file. Usual path is /usr/local/etc/aswitch.conf. However, if that is not a case, the file can be located by checking aswitch process:
    # ps ax| grep aswitch
    21026 pts/2    Sl+    0:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/aswitch -c /usr/local/etc/aswitch.conf
  1. Open the file to edit and increase logging to maximum by editing log_levels setting in [GENERAL] section:
    log_levels =  verbose, info, warning, error
  1. Save the file and exit.
  1. Login to aswitch console:
    telnet localhost 7001
  2. Rotate log file. It will create new empty log file for your logging needs.
  3. Reload the configuration
  4. Quit from aswitch console
  5. Do the necessary tests to get debug information into log file.
  1. When done, repeat steps 2-6 to reduce back logging levels to minimum. In step 2 use following settings instead:
    log_levels =  warning, error
  2. Log file location is determined by setting log_file in [PATHS] area of configuration file
  1. The debug log now is created and can be analyzed.


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