Nokia SIP client Configuration Guide

Before you begin

Check if your phone has the latest Nokia SIP settings application. Some models may not have it by default. It is recommended to check and install latest SIP VoIP Settings from Nokia webpage.

"SIP VoIP Settings" application will be located under Applications menu.


Step 1

Navigate to Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings.

Create the following profile:

Profile Name
IETF Default
Access point
(your default AP name)
Public user name
XXXXXXX - username as set in ArrowBilling
Use Compression
Always on
Use Security

Step 2

Do not enter anything in Proxy Server settings

Step 3

Registrar Server settings

Registrar Server
IP address or hostname of DTL ArrowSwitch (example after save: sip:
IP address or hostname of DTL ArrowSwitch
User Name
XXXXXXX - username as set in ArrowBilling
YYYYYYY - password as set in ArrowBilling
Transport Type

Step 4

Navigate to Connection > Internet Tel. Settings

  • Create a new profile for "DTLArrow"(XXXXXXX), you can name it "DTLArrow"

In Connectivity > Internet tel. > Preferred profile

  • Choose "DTLArrow"

Step 5

  • Go to Applications on your phone and click on "SIP VoIP Settings" application.
  • Choose VoIP services/DTLArrow (or the name you have chosen in Step 4)
  • Click on "Profile Settings" and find "Allow VoIP over WCDMA" option and change it to "ON". This change allows VoIP over 3G connection.
  • Reboot your phone. Once your phone is back on it will automatically register to DTLArrow.
  • Once it is registered you can start making calls.
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